IG, Sindh statement

Imran Ali Phull

The recent motivational statement of IG sindh AD Khwaja to use licensed weapon against any alleged criminal, has literally flabbergasted everyone. It sounds strange and arises consternation and perturbation, as we have already been experiencing the repercussions of such initiatives, which were supported or condoned in past, like killing in the name of honour, profanity and sacrilege without any evidence, legal trial or process. We also witnessed that in several cases furious public lynched alleged criminals brutally but later victims were founded innocent after thorough investigation.
The persuasion of vigilantism and to take law in own hands cannot be justified or supported at any cost even in extreme desperate situation. It is the prime job of police and paramilitary forces to ensure the safety, security and protection of public and their property and if citizens are permitted to use weapons against criminals then it is raising the question mark on the existence and performance of police. In our society, desperation and despondence is already there and if this type of tendency is connived or supported in any way then ultimately it will disseminate chaos riotous and mayhem.
Instead of this weird and eccentric incitement, there should be proper motivation and counselling of public by utilizing media and other resources. Citizens must have awareness and courage if they witness any kind of unlawful activity then it must be communicated to relevant security institutions without any delay and the mechanism of emergency and rescue service must be rapid, effective and excelled. Moreover, the most important step is to build the co-operation and coordination between public and police, public should have trust and confidence on police so that they don’t hesitate to report any illegal or felonious activity and can play their role to eradicate crimes from our society.
— Karachi

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