If justice is denied to CJP…

DURING separate meetings with heads of Sindh’s law enforcement agencies and the dministration, Chief Justice of Pakistan Anwar
Zaheer Jamali expressed disappointment over efforts made so far for the recovery of Awais Ali Shah, the son of Chief Justice of Sindh High Court. He especially expressed his resentment over police conduct saying the situation in the case would have been different if the police had acted in a timely manner. These very remarks of the CJP clearly expose the state of justice system in Pakistan, which in fact has crumbled down, denying justice to all and sundry.
The CJP, being head of the court system, voice is well respected and can not go unnoticed yet we are more concerned about the state of an average Pakistani who faces only humiliation and desperation whenever they visit police stations or courts for redressal of their grievances. In Sindh province, the incidents of abduction and killings are rampant, and presence of private jails are enough a proof that law in fact does not exist there in any form. All this leaves common man at the mercy of hardened criminals and feudals with no institution at their backing to redress their grievances. The abduction of Sindh Chief Justice’s son from a busy shopping centre in broad daylight is yet another proof of how ineffective and inefficient our system has become. We hope that while necessary steps will be taken for the early recovery of Awais, the incident will also serve as a jolt to all concerned particularly the judiciary to come out with a solution that provides unimpeded justice to the people. It is an open secret now that police department in Sindh is highly politicised because of which it has failed to deliver and protect the lives and properties of common man. At the same time, our court system is also replete with substantive deficiencies. Corrupt practices at the lower courts are making the lives of litigants miserable. Cases in these courts often take years to decide besides owing to corrupt practices, culprits in most of the cases go off scot-free. We hope that the Chief Justice of Pakistan will mull over these deficiencies and take remedial measures that ensure speedy trial of criminals, terrorists and make the process hassle free for litigants.

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