IEAA contributing well to Islamabad’s development: Sardar Tahir Mehmood

Ashraf Ansari


President Islamabad Estate Agents Association (IEAA), Sardar Tahir says the real estate consultants in Islamabad have been playing positive role in the physical development of Islamabad, especially in the building field. Sardar Tahir was recently elected president of IEAA in the hotly contested elections of the association.
He reviewed contribution of the IEAA since its start some eighteen years back. He said the association’s basic purpose has been streamlining activities of the real estate consultants, coordination and cooperation and promotion of legitimate rights of the members. He pointed out that the association was not self centred as it is also committed to protecting genuine interests of the clients. ‘The idea is to earn and serve’.
There should be no justification for earning without serving.
Replying to a question Sardar Tahir said the IEAA has a large membership and now it is attracting more members. All real estate consultants are eligible for membership. ‘The association represents real estate consultants in the real sense’, he emphasized. Following are questions raised by Pakistan Observer (PO) and answers by Sardar Tahir (ST):
PO: How does IEAA protect interests of the clients through consultants?
ST: First of all, the association promotes awareness among the members on vital aspects of the real estate business. In turn the consultants promote awareness among their clients. It is a awareness which helps the clients in making the right bargains and safeguarding them against misjudgements.
PO: What more does the association intend to do in the interest of the members as well as the clients?
ST: The fact is there is no clash of interest. Clients and consultants fulfill each others’ interests. The association’s objective is to ensure fair dealings. There should be no element of exploitation on either side. It should be a win-win dealings. My own real estate business is branded as ‘Win-Win Associates’ and the slogan is ‘Get Settled in Style’.
PO: How does the IEAA deal with the societies?
ST: We have established close linkages with the genuine housing societies. Our members inform their clients about real facts regarding the societies to save them from any possible exploitation.
At the same time we are establishing coordination with the CDA so that the clients are facilitated in their dealings regarding sale purchase and registration of properties.
PO: What else does the association do in the interest of Islamabad and its residents? ST: We intend to start campaigns against encroachments and for the preservation and promotion of natural environment of the city. There is need to do much more to maintain natural environment of Islamabad. There is also need to take steps to safeguard the city from pollution.
PO: What are aims and objectives of the newly elected body?
ST: The aims and objectives of the association cover almost all areas of mutual interests of the real estate consultants and clients. They are:
To promote understanding among the seal estate consultants, to resolve common issues including commission matters.
To facilitate clients in the transfer of plots and built property with the help of CDA.
To get registration of consultants with CDA so that there will be no unlawful transfers.
To curb double allotments among the Islamabad affectees.
To curb corrupt practices in CDA and housing.
To ensure payment of fees by the client to the consultant.
To ensure transparency in auction of commercial pots by CDA, Housing Foundation and the housing societies.
To ensure development work in private housing societies according to their announced schedules.
To seek approval of quota for real estate consultants in CDA schemes and other housing projects.
To formulate proposals for the resolution of problems faced by the consultants, and present such proposals to relevant quarters.
To set up a welfare fund for the members of the association. To help members in any emergency. To appoint a legal advisor who will serve the members in legal matters.
To get approval of authorities for proposed 2pc commission on sale-purchase of residential property and 4pc on commercial property. To promote membership of the association.
To build an office of the association in any commercial area of Islamabad on allotted plot by the CDA. Sardar Tahir said the association is committed to its objectives and confident to achieve them.

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