What is the real identity of a person? His/her name, residential address, phone number, physical appearance, academic degree, post, salary, bank balance, number of flats/cars, religion, race, nationality? Can these identities enable us to recognise the person embedded within him/her? The other day, I reached the railway station on my way to office. The trains were not running on schedule. After much delay a train entered the station. As the train was about to stop, I saw a blind beggar tripping over some hurdle and his bowl felling down resulting in scattering of coins on the platform. The poor sightless man knelt down on the platform and was searching for the coins frantically. What a sorry pathetic sight!
My heart urges me:- “Rush to the spot, pick up the coins and hand it to him”. But my head cautions me:- “If you do so, your train will depart within 30 seconds and you would get marked absent in office”! Amidst that dilemma, I noticed a man running to the spot, picking up the coins and depositing it in the beggar’s bowl! That man was also on the platform to board the very same train just like me to reach his destination, yet didn’t hesitate a bit to respond to the call of humanity!
I do not know whether he had managed to board the train after assisting the beggar or not, also I do not know any identification traits of the person as mentioned at the top (barring only nationality and physical appearance); but I have certainly got enlightened of his unfathomable compassion, morality and warmth of heart which feels the pain and helplessness of unfortunate hapless vulnerable souls. And at last I got to recognise the real identity of a person which is nothing but his/her humanity, values and largeness of heart.
Kolkata, India

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