ICT police to check corruption

IN an appreciable move, Islamabad Police has decided to establish a unit to check corruption in the force and strict disciplinary action would be taken against those involved in such practices. This was stated by Inspector General of Police Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar Khan while addressing the Police Darbar on Wednesday.
Islamabad Police was envisaged as a model force and, in fact, several steps were taken initially to realize that cherished objective. These included induction of comparatively more educated personnel, ensuring proper training, equipping the force with modern gadgets and provision of required facilities. There is no doubt that instance of corruption was rare in the Islamabad Capital Territory police but with the passage of time its performance and output has degenerated because of various reasons but most importantly due to lack of proper check and vigilance on the part of higher authorities. The condition of Islamabad police stations is not much different from those in neighbouring Rawalpindi and that is why people avoid reporting crimes or taking their grievances to police. As is the case elsewhere in the country, FIRs are not registered without palm-greasing and even the aggrieved party has to please the investigating officer to get the case moved from one stage to the other. In this backdrop, the move to establish a unit against corruption would be lauded by citizens of the capital but it all depends on the actual implementation. If the unit is headed by the same lot as one meets in police stations and on check- posts then there is absolutely no point in wasting money and energy. Personnel with impeccable record should be posted in the unit and its working should be highly transparent. But the most effective strategy against corruption would be to make inductions purely on merit and aptitude should be one of the major factors while finalizing recruitments.

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