ICJ: In defence of a terrorist!

Astonishingly; the ICJ granted Stay Order (SO) in an indecent haste against death sentence of a well-proved terrorist – Kulbhushan Jadhav. During investigation he confessed a large-network working under his supervision on terrorism in Pakistan since long. This network martyred APS (Army Public School) innocents of course!
The Indian government went to ICJ – the court has no concern for providing help to a terrorist who has himself accepted committing crimes. Even then, the court accepted Indian case without ascertaining whether a terrorist is entitled to relief on humanitarian grounds?
The scribe has some questions for ICJ: first of all for Modi’s gallowing? This terrorist claimed openly, during a visit to Bangladesh recently, that India, detached East Pakistan. During this war thousands of innocent Pakistani civilians were martyred! Why ICJ is not banning Bangladesh, to stop execution of innocent Jamat-e-Islami’s workers till-now? What justification was before ICJ for rejecting Islamabad’s Navel force plane case in 1999, against India? Where is ICJ in case of ban-on-beef, in India, which is basic need of every person? Where is ICJ in case of martyring of Kashmiris – by netting them on front of jeeps, raping of innocents to 90-year women, destroying of eyes with pellet-guns and the likes? ICJ does not know that forefathers of present generation of India went to UNSC for stopping of war and arranging plebiscite? Where was/is ICJ in case of Philistine, Iraq and Afghanistan case? ‘O’ ICJ is silent, because Muslims are dying in all cases, certainly!!
So, let’s defend our case upto some extent in ICJ in sheer respect for the August Body but no reversion from hanging of terrorist! Because, Pakistan, like several other examples of the past has ultimate option of disregarding any injudicious of ICJ’s ruling – being an independent State and atomic power, of course. Let’s start to stand on our own feet and decisions! And also, submit a case in ICJ and the like forums against Modi and his accomplices, for death sentence. Last but not least, the civilized nations should also come forward for blaming ICJ’s defending of a terrorist!!
Tatrinote, AK

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