ICC’s rain ruler arrives in India

Bipin Dani


Steven Stern, a key member of the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) system, which is being used by the ICC (International Cricket Council) for the rain affected matches is in India to take part in a 3-day seminar arranged by MathsportsAsia 2018 in Jamshedpur.
The ICC updated the new version, which came into affect from October 1 this year. On Monday, Steven Stern, the Professor of Data Science, Bond Business School, Bond University, Australia delivered his lecture on “Rain Rules in Modern Limited Overs Cricket: The Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method in context.
Speaking exclusively over telephone from Jamshedpur before going into the lecture room, he said, “I will be speaking about the basic principles that any reasonable rain rule should satisfy and then discuss whether the prominent competitors such as DLS, VJD and WASP are consistent with these principles”.
Interestingly, India’s V. Jayadevan, a Civil Engineer, whose VJD system, which also got praise from Sunil Gavaskar, is also scheduled to present his calculations for the rain affected matches on Tuesday.
This is Steven Stern’s first visit to India. “Yes, this is my first visit to India, and I am amazed with the constant motion of the place!”.Though being in India, Stern did follow the Test match in Adelaide.
“I am certainly following the Test match, and am sad that Australia seem to be destined for a loss, but the match was much closer than I thought it would be, so maybe there is still some hope for the rest of the series”, he signed off.

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