Ibrahim, Hania retain top positions in Sindh Tennis Ranking

Karachi—Ibrahim Iltifat and Hania Naveed retained top positions in men’s Singles and Ladies singles events with accumulated ranking points of 110 and 70 respectively.
According to the detail of Ranking for the half year issued by Sindh Tennis Association (STA) here on Thursday for various events held during January – June 2016.
Talha Suhail is at top position in 17 while Under Singles Mujahidullah in 15, Under Singles Rayyan Jawad in 13, Under Singles Ashar Mir in 11, Under Singles Muhammad Zain Ehtisham in 9 & Under Singles in the half yearly ranking of STA.
Besides, top four positions with accumulated points under Men and Singles included Ibrahim Iltifat at 1st position with 110 points, Aqeel Shabbir at 2nd with 75 points, Frahan Altaf and Nomi Qamar at 3rd with 40 points each, Abdul Majeed, Ebad Sarwar, Abdul Rehman, Murad Khan, Farhan Iltaf and Nazif Ahmed at 4th position with 30 points each.
Apart from this, under the category of Ladies Singles, Hania Naveed got 1st position with 70 points, Rida Khan at 2nd position with 40 points, Seher Khwaja at 3rd position with 30 points, Kajal and Syeda Erij at 4th with 15 points each.
Under the categories of Juniors 17 Singles, Talha Suhail stood at 1st position with 95 points, Ebad Sarwar at 2nd with 40 points, Hasan farooq, Abdul Samad Areejo and Parbat Kumar at 3rd position with 30 points each and Hania Naveed at 4th positions with 25 points.
In the categories of 15 & Under Singles, Mujahidullah Khatak and Zubair Raja achieved 1st position with 40 points each, Shahzil Malik and Noor-e-Mustafa at 2nd with 30 points each, Abdul Samad Areejo at 3rd with 25 points and Rayyan Jawwad at 4th position with 20 points.
Under the categories of 13 & Under Singles, Rayyan Suhail stood at 1st positions with 100 points, Muhammad Farooq Atiq at 2nd with 45 points, Taha Aman at 3rd with 40 points, Muhammad Yahya Ehtisham at 4th position with 35 points.
Similarly, 11 & under Singles categories, Ashar Mir achieved 1st positions with 70 points, Taha Aman and Zain Muhammad Ali at 2nd at 40 points each, Muhammad Yousuf Halim and Ibrahim Nouman at 3rd with 30 points each, Muhammad Zain Ehtisham and Saim Danish at 4th with 20 points each.
In the same way, 9 & under Singles, Muhammad Zain Ehtisham got 1st position with 95 points, Hasan Jamal and Zain Muhammad Ali at 2nd with 60 points each, Abdullah Imran at 3rd with 40 points and Abdullah Aftab at 4th with 20 points.
Senior Vice President Sindh Tennis Association, Muhammad Khalid Rehmani said while talking to APP on Thursday that the ranking of players was to help them to form teams or seeding for tournaments to be held in future.—APP

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