IBA conducts seminar on safe charity

Staff Reporter

IBA Karachi and Bargad Organization for Youth Development co-organized a session on ‘safe charity’ at the G&T auditorium, IBA Main Campus. An initiative of the IBA Community Welfare Society, the session had representatives from Bargad, Alamgir Welfare Trust and Alfajr Academy.
The seminar provided a thought-provoking forum on the merits of ‘safe charity’ and a stimulating interaction between the IBA students and the above mentioned charity organizations.
The seminar started with the welcome address by the society host, followed by recitation from the Holy Quran. The host emphasized on the importance and impact of charity on Pakistan and the whole community.
An emphasis was placed on bringing transparency to charity collection and making sure that it goes to the deserving and not to radical organizations.
Since the month of Ramadan is just around the corner, everyone was urged to not only to donate to charities, which take up worthy causes but also to ensure that the money is utilized to strengthen and not deteriorate Pakistan.

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