Hypocritical story


National Interest Magazine of the US has published a story dated 08.03.2017 titled ‘Time for a radical reset with Pakistan, America finally needs to set limits on its indulgence’, which carries entirely deceitful contents.
The fact of the matter is that America has used Pakistan throughout its existence. As per US mindset, no country in the world can be aided by the United States unless the aid deal works entirely in favour of US interests, no matter what consequences it may bring to the helpless recipient country. Pakistan, had to seek United State’s help financially to build its basic infrastructures in 1947. Unfortunately, the US at that time was totally embroiled in its cold war policy aimed at destroying Communism. Consequently, Pakistan received little help in building its state institutions, which, on top of all other priorities, needed building a rational society achievable only through imparting modern literacy to 100% of its children.
But unfortunately, beating Communism required an illiterate population to fight the Communist fanaticism with another kind of fanaticism, which was provided by Pakistan. This policy did succeed ultimately with the US coming out the winner but during this process Pakistan suffered untold miseries of fundamentalism. Unfortunately, after fall of Communism, the US-Pakistan relations went into hibernation but were reactivated after 9/11, with Pakistan again becoming a target of fundamentalism needed by the US to establish a new world order. Pakistan suffered heavy economic and human losses.

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