According to a report by National Health Survey of Pakistan, 18 per cent adults who are below the age of 45 suffer from hypertension. However, almost a majority of the people is not even aware of their suffering and is medically undiagnosed for the condition. A major cause for the rapidly growing number of hypertension patients in Pakistan is the sedentary lifestyle the young population has adopted.
With much time of the day spent at work and the remaining on social media, the younger lot is quickly catching health problems that were non-existent just decades ago. Worst is the lifestyle pattern that does not seem to change anytime soon. There is a dire need to make physical activities a part of one’s daily routine. Crumbling under the pressure to achieve and do more and more in less time has only burdened this generation for worse, whereas its race against time has only led to more incurable problems and irreparable damage.

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