Hussain Nawaz warns investigators against using illegal means


Maryam appears amid tight security before JIT today

Sophia Siddiqui


As Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of the prime minister, is all set to appear before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) today, formed to probe offshore dealings of Sharif family, Hussain Nawaz who appeared before the team on Tuesday warned the investigators against using unconstitutional means to gather evidence. It was the sixth appearance of Hussain Nawaz who while talking to the media persons said no evidence of wrongdoing against his family could be found.
Apparently looking disturb over repeated summons issued to him, he was of the view that these matters could have been settled in two hearings. He said the JIT was needlessly complicating matters.
“Respecting the orders of the Supreme Court, we have been coming here and answering their questions even though we have been made to wait for long as well.”
“As far as the report that is going to be finalised is concerned, I maintain that they will not find any evidence against any member of my family and the reason is that there is no evidence of misuse of office or corruption or money laundering,” he said adding there is no proof, so how can it be found?”
“The thing is, when there is no truth, an investigation cannot be undertaken against anyone,” he continued.
“If you have proof against me or my family, then carrying out an investigation is the right of the state and of the people; but when there is no proof, you have no right to ‘create’ evidence,” he said while addressing the media.
“They have tried in many ways [to collect proof] and these things are going to come forward in the future, but the truth is they will not find anything,” he added.
Hussain also alleged that the JIT may try to conjure up witnesses or pressure people to testify against the Sharifs.
“I do not know what is going on here,” he said, gesturing to the Federal Judicial Academy, where the JIT maintains its headquarters.
“I only want to make you aware that in case… the mandate of the country is insulted, this should not be permitted and will not be permitted,” he said.
As Maryam Nawaz is to appear before the JIT today, strict security arrangements have been place. All roads leading to the federal judicial academy will remain closed.
The daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on her twitter message that PM Nawaz Shaif was the real leader of the nation.
“Kill them with your success and bury them with a smile,” she said this message on social media web site Twitter during PM Nawaz Sharif speech in a reception in honour of ICC Champions trophy victorious team hosted by him.
She also wrote the slogans of “Sher….Sher ….Sher”
On the other hand the ‘Mery Awaz Marayam Nawaz’ became the twitter trend on her appearing before JIT on July 5, Wednesday. The Hundreds of thousand supporters are tweeting on this trend.
The JIT formed on 6th of May has submitted three periodic reports to the apex court and it is to present final report on 10th July.

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