Husina’s revenge continues

Nellofur Bashir

Husina Wajid, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh is continuing with her revenge. She has eliminated patriotic Pakistanis, who fought against the Mukhti bahini and Indian forces during the 1971 war. Mati ur Rehman of the largest religious and political party JI was recently executed in Dacca.
According to BBC news the Law Minister of Bangladesh confirmed the news of his execution. He had refused to appeal for mercy before any one. He left his case with the Ultimate Judge. Earlier the Supreme Court of Bangladesh had rejected his appeal for mercy. It must be noted that trial was held in a controversial court formed by the cruel government of Husina Wajid. The death sentence was awarded on the charges of murder, rape and planning to murder the intellectuals of the country.
Siraj ul Haq Chief of JI Pakistan condemned the execution of his counterpart in Bangladesh. He said Mati ur Rehman’s execution is murder of an innocent man. He has been punished for defending Pakistan in 1971 war. In January 2010, 5 military officers were hanged for the murder of Mujib ur Rehman the founder of Bangladesh and father of Husina. He with the help of Indian armed forces revolted against Pakistan.
I think the government of Pakistan must register protest against these Judicial Killings by the Kangaroo Courts of Bangladesh, and raise this issue at the International forums. It is not only the violation of the tripartite agreement signed by India, Bangladesh and Pakistan not to seek revenge against any person. His death sentence is political victimization of opponents by the government. We condemn this execution and protest against the cruelty of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
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