Hurriyat-G hits out at Mehbooba: JK’s future not secure with India


Srinagar—The Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani on Tuesday termed as “sheer lie and contrary to ground realities” a statement of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti that accession of Jammu and Kashmir with India is “final and the future of the state is safe with this country.”
“Mehbooba Mufti wants to appease her masters in New Delhi to hold the CM’s chair for a longer time and for this she can go two steps beyond her fanatic coalition partner. People of Jammu and Kashmir have not given her any mandate to make any decision regarding the accession or future of the state. She is talking beyond her jurisdiction and stature which is making her position more ridiculous,” the Hurriyat (G) spokesman said in a statement.
“The accession with the Indian Union was initiated by an individual, neglecting wishes and opinion of the masses. Kashmiri people have never accepted or acknowledged the forced occupation of India and they are at war with this country (India) for the past seven decades. Mehbooba Mufti has every right to respect the views of her pro-India father regarding the accession of the state with India but she has no right to thrust her and her late father’s views upon people of Jammu and Kashmir. If she wants to be a loyal servant of RSS and Sang Parivar, nobody will stop her but she has no right to insult and disgrace the aspirations and sacrifices of Kashmiris.”
The Hurriyat spokesman said the views of Mehbooba Mufti that future of this state is safe with India is “her compulsion and she is trying to act more loyal than the king; otherwise the character and role of India in Kashmir for the past 69 years is totally contrary to her statement.”
“Remaining with India has not only taken a heavy toll on lives and property of Kashmiri nation but honour, dignity and Islamic identity of Kashmiris is at stake. So far lakhs of innocent Kashmiri people have been mercilessly killed by the Indian forces and this killing process continues even today in the shape of Handwara-like massacres. No case is registered, no investigation held and nobody is held accountable for the crimes against humanity,” the spokesman said.
Terming the comparison of capital punishment in Pakistan by Mehbooba as ‘illogical and irrelevant’, the spokesman said: “All these cases in Pakistan go through a long and valid judicial process and these decisions are announced by the appointed and qualified courts but nothing like that happens in Kashmir. Here an ordinary solider can point his gun and kill anybody any-time and after that nobody dares to question him and even Mehbooba Mufti or anybody occupying the CM’s chair can hold him accountable for his crime.”
“The future of this state is not only insecure and unsafe with India but it is an unfavorable and bad deal in every way. To continue its forced military occupation, India is not only inflicting worst oppression and atrocities upon the Kashmiri nation but this country is looting our natural resources with both hands. Our water, forests, minerals and electricity are extensively used by India and we receive bullets, PSAs, bodies of our loved ones and teargas shells as its ‘revenue’. India is working on a plan to make Kashmiris homeless in their own land,” the spokesman said. “Indian army has forcibly occupied about 30 lakh Kanal land at prime locations. More than a thousand forces camps have been established in civil populations and they have become a hell for the people living there.”
Meanwhile, the Hurriyat Conference is organizing a day-long seminar on May 12 (Thursday), from 10.30 am, at Hyderpora here with its chairman Syed Ali Geelani in chair. Many prominent speakers are scheduled to present their views on “Present Situations and Our Responsibilities”, the spokesman said. —GK

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