Hungary unearths Sultan Suleiman’s tomb

Budapest—Hungarian and Turkish researchers working in Szigetvar, Hungary believe that they have found the tomb of Suleiman the Magnificent, the greatest ruler of the Ottoman Empire, who died at Szigetvar in early September 1566 – almost 450 years ago.
Suleiman succumbed to natural causes two months before his 72nd birthday, and only hours before his vast army finally overcame the Habsburg defenders of Szigetvar castle following a brutal and bloody siege.
Fearing the reaction of troops to the death of a sultan, who had ruled for four decades, Suleiman’s aides kept his death a secret and smuggled his corpse back to Constantinople for burial at the Suleymaniye Mosque that he had commissioned. But the weather was hot and the road home was long, so Suleiman’s heart and other organs were removed here and, as legend has it, interred in a golden coffin beneath his last encampment.—Agencies

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