Hung parliament?

WITH just three days left to the polling day, there seems to be unfortunate consensus among all political parties and independent analysts that there is going to be hung parliament and that no party would be in a position to get absolute majority in the elections. After publicly stating that he is not hearing good news about elections, PTI Chairman Imran Khan, on Friday, said the upcoming elections should produce a strong government through a clear result, as he warned that a hung parliament would be a disaster.
Elections do not, always, give clear majority to one party and this has been happening not only in Pakistan but in other countries of the world as well. In such a scenario like-minded parties join hands to form a Government but given the worst kind of polarization in the country, coalition Government is unlikely to give the required stability to Pakistan. Though political parties with absolute or even two-thirds majority too could not ensure political stability but in the prevailing situation, it is desire of all patriotic people that the electoral exercise leads to formation of a stable Government because the country is passing through multitudes of problems and challenges. There have been demands since long about formation of a national government and, in fact, PML(N) President Mian Nawaz Sharif indicated a few weeks back that this would be preference of his party even if it got majority. However, in practical terms, it is a mere dream as PPP and PML(N) could not go along except for a few weeks when some members of PML(N) joined cabinet during tenure of PPP. Similarly, only a few parties have ideologies or do politics on the basis of principles while others follow self-serving policies ignoring interests of the country. Under these circumstances, it seems to be difficult that a coalition Government would stay for a longer period and that would mean another round of political and economic instability, which the country can hardly afford. We hope that voters would come out in great numbers from their home on the polling day, compare candidates contesting election in their constituency and vote for those who have better credentials. This is a national responsibility and every citizen is expected to discharge this responsibility with caution and care.

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