Humanity on retreat

Masood Khan
Jubail, Saudi Arab

Needless to point out that no action was taken against the so-called religious scholar who allegedly prompted Mumtaz Qadri to breach his oath and murder the very person he was supposed to guard, Salman Taseer. It all started from a sermon delivered in an isolated Rawalpindi mosque but that was 2010, we are now in 2017; presently the calls for murder in the name of religion are travelling on air waves.
Events this January show that things are either not under control, or government itself is complicit in this spread of venom and slander. Put aside few words of sympathy expressed by Ch Nisar for abducted bloggers families; actions on ground speak loud and clear. If there is no parallel government, then why the interior minister couldn’t move forward on missing bloggers in last three weeks; how come PEMRA permitted those programmes on TV channels which were openly blaming the bloggers of committing blasphemy, being Indian agent and working against state institutions and what not. Where was the IT Ministry empowered by a Cyber Crime Bill when hundreds of ‘fake’ accounts on Facebook and Twitter are chasing anyone raising voice for freedom of speech and thinking, for missing people and their families? What was being preached in an obscure mosque has now reached inside our living rooms — TV Channels and social media are the tools in hands of few who appear to be more powerful than the State and government.
It’s being said that the Third World War will be waged in the cyber space; in Pakistan few have already started this one-way war — to distribute certificates of being blasphemous and traitor. It’s all being done to create an atmosphere of fear, to silence the voice of dissent, to force people not to raise voice but to run for their own lives. One may presume a better sense will prevail but sadly it’s only a presumption as dark forces are fast occupying even the senses of general public.

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