Humanitarian crisis unfolding in IOK: Masood Khan


ISLAMABAD : Sardar Masood Khan, President AJK said that India is threatened by the economic progress of Pakistan due to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The President made these remarks while giving an interview to the Weekly Pakistan, the previous day in Islamabad.

The President said that our foremost priority must be to raise awareness on the human right violations taking place in Indian Occupied Kashmir. India is committing war crimes in Kashmir and the international community must raise their voice against the humanitarian crisis unfolding in IOK.

We need to take action against these violations in view of the international humanitarian laws, Geneva Conventions, UN Human Rights Charter and conventions that govern human rights. The President said that according to Article 42 of the 1907 Hague Conventions, a territory is considered occupied when it is placed under the authority of a hostile army. But, under international law the occupying power does acquire sovereignty over the territory. Occupation is a temporary situation.

Besides transfer of civilian population of the occupying power into the territory, whether forcible or voluntary are prohibited. Similarly, collective punishment for taking of hostages are prohibited. The occupying forces are also not allowed to initiate appraisals against the people of the occupied territory.

By this definition and in light of the aforementioned, the President said, India is an occupying force which has unlawfully claimed sovereignty illegally jailed Kashmiris, used innocent Kashmiris as human shields by tying them to their vehicles, changing the local demography by using unconstitutional tactics and forcefully vacating property. The President said that this Indian occupation cannot continue in perpetuity as it is illegal and criminal.

President Masood Khan answering a question on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor said that this project has opened a new era of economic growth and opportunity. The CPEC project will be pivotal in bringing around prosperity to the Pakistan and the region. We will not allow any power to sabotage the CPEC project; India’s continuous objection to the corridor passing through a disputed area will not stifle the implementation of this mega project, said President AJK.

The President lamented that the international community is appeasing India by not intervening action against the atrocities is unfortunate; this culture of silence and appeasement should come to an end.

CPEC has directly introduced various projects which will not only benefit Azad Kashmir, said the President. Projects like the 720 MW Karot Hydro-power Project, the 1124 MW Kohala Hydro-Power Project Masehra-Muzaffarabad-Mirpur Expressway and Mirpur Industrial Zone are being completed or are in the initial stages of implementation.

When inquired about China’s growing economy and becoming an emerging superpower, the President said that the USA and China must synergize their strengths and create win-win situations, helping bring prosperity, peace and international security to every corner of the world.

President Masood Khan said that India has been engaged in a proxy war in Pakistan. Through the likes of Kulbhushan Yadav, India is fanning secessionist movements, carrying out terrorist attacks and sabotaging the Gawadar Port and CPEC, said the Presdient. He said, “India is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the region and is trying to undermine the sovereignty of the neighboring states. Links between India and TTP have been acknowledged even by the US Defense Secretary in a recent article”

The President said that the issue of Kashmir has been declared a nuclear flash-point between the two nuclear powered neighbours. “The non-resolution of this dispute”, said the President, “makes the security situation in South Asia very precarious and steps should be taken to stir the entire region towards peace and security, dialogue and engagement.”


Originally published by NNI

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