Humanitarian crisis in Indian-held Kashmir needs US, World attention: AJK President


WASHINGTON : The President of AJK, Sardar Masood Khan has appealed to the United States and the international community to pay attention to the humanitarian crises in the Indian-held Kashmir unleashed by the brutalities of the Indian soldiers, saying, the world should not treat Kashmiris as pariah.

“We have a human rights and humanitarian crisis in the Indian-held Kashmir,” the President said while talking to APP during his visit to Washington to draw the attention of the Trump administration and the world towards gross violation of human rights in Kashmir, which has been duly highlighted by the leading American media


He said that Indian forces, after failing to suppress the sentiments and struggle of the Kashmiri people for their right to self-determination, were now using killing, torture, ethnic cleansing and rape as instruments of war. The AJK President, in this regard, mentioned the rape and murder of an 8-year old Kashmiri girl by Hindu men in a temple.

“Indian forces and those involved in these heinous crimes are enjoying total immunity,”he said, alluding to the fact that these criminals were given protection by the ruling Bharatia Janata Party of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sardar Maood Khan said that the US was talking about the situation in the Middle East and the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, but no one is paying attention to the very serious issue of Kashmir, which is a nuclear flash point and could endanger the world peace.

“If there has to be a solution, the US will have to be involved, directly or indirectly,” he said while adding that the people of Kashmir were ready for dialogue to resolve the issue but India had closed all doors for diplomacy and has resorted to use of force to silent the genuine Kashmiri struggle.

He said that development in resolving the decades-old Korean crisis has re-kindled hope that complicated issues like Kashmir can be resolved.

The Ambassador underlined the need for a close engagement with the United States, adding that while the Trump administration maintains close ties with India due to its economic and political interest, there was a need to shake the world conscious and draw their attention towards the human crisis in the held valley.

The AJK President said that Pakistan needs to be stable, both political and economically, to be able to effectively help the Kashmiri people and find a lasting solution to the problem.

Meanwhile, the AJK President also held a meeting with the American and Pakistani media at the Pakistan Embassy in the United States. Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudry was also present on the occasion.

President AJK in his remarks strongly condemned the continuing use of brutal and indiscriminate force by the Indian occupation forces resulting in killing and maiming of Kashmiris in the Indian-held Kashmir.

He highlighted the pattern in these atrocities which deliberately target young innocent and unarmed Kashmiris staging peaceful protest for their right to self-determination and against the long illegal and inhumane Indian occupation of Jammu & Kashmir.

He underscored that despite 70 years of unspeakable oppression, India will never be able to break their will or succeed in misleading the world community through its malicious propaganda campaign painting the just, legitimate and indigenous Kashmiri struggle for self-determination as “terrorism.”

“If there is any element of terrorism in Kashmir, it is the Indian state terrorism. He expressed concern over India’s intransigence to engage in a dialogue on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.

President Masood Khan said that Kashmiris are heartened by the US engagement with North Korea and the possibility of rapprochement on the Korean Peninsula and stressed the importance of dialogue and diplomacy for resolution of the longstanding issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

In this regard, he urged the US and the international community to play a constructive diplomatic role to end Indian atrocities against Kashmiris in the IOK and promote peace in the region by encouraging India to engage in a dialogue with Pakistan and the people of Kashmir.

The President said that the US is the preeminent global leader and a permanent member of the Security Council and in the past, it has played a role in moving the Kashmir issue towards resolution.

Therefore, he said, we pin our hopes on Washington to help us move the Kashmir issue towards a diplomatic and political solution. “If a chronic conflict like North Korea can see a breakthrough, so can Kashmir”, he said, adding that Kashmiris aspirations for a just, democratic and lasting solution must be respected.

The President AJK will be participating in community events on the Capital Hill in Washington DC and other places in Virginia, Maryland and New York to draw attention of the people and Government of the United States towards the humanitarian crisis in Kashmir.

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