Human trafficking

Human trafficking has become a growing business and it has engulfed the entire country like a wildfire. The alarming increase in human smuggling is extremely perturbing. The desire to go abroad has become intense due to lack of opportunities as well as poverty. During the last few weeks news about human smuggling has been prominently published in the national and international media. We read accounts of horrible stories of the victims who have been exploited by these merciless, callous and cruel smugglers. The greed for money rules this illegal trade. International criminals are involved in this lucrative business. Government organizations seem helpless against them. They are becoming more powerful as the days pass. A few days ago the Turkish Police rescued 57 Pakistanis from the captivity of the smugglers who were demanding ransom from their families by showing videos of tortured loved ones. Out of the frying pan into the fire. The smugglers allure and entice these youngsters to go abroad for a fee charged in dollars for guaranteeing passage to Europe. Some of the Pakistani nationals were involved in this trade too. In another incident 20 dead bodies were found in Turbat en route to Iran. The unfortunate victims were travelling through Iran via Turkey to Europe. According to the statistics of “Labour Migration Forum of Pakistan” a large number of Pakistanis were deported from other countries. An estimated 3 million workers were deported from foreign countries. Most of them belonged from Gujrat, Jehlum, Mandi Bah-ud-Din, Bahawalpur and other cities. Most of them were either arrested or deported back home. We expect that the authorities concerned would take some benevolent measures to curb this menace.

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