Hudaibiya Paper Mills case to spell doom for already doomed Sharif family: Kaira


OKARA : Speaking to the media in Okara, senior PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira said that Hudaibiya Paper Mills case will spell more doom for the already doomed Sharif family and Nawaz Sharif can see it coming.

“That’s why the PML-N Chairman wishes to alter the current system in defiance of democracy to save his family from getting disqualified entirely”.

Responding to a question regarding MQM-P and PSP, he said that the recent PSP-MQMP rapprochement held in high hopes by Musharraf collapsed in just two days. Citing the past examples, he said that alliances against PPP have always been the norm in the past and they never achieved anything more than mere promises and rhetoric. “PPP is used to not worrying over alliances against the party just as the party is not worried over the alliance of 21 parties against it”.

With regard to Mustafa Kamal allegations against MQM-P, he said that his allegations pertaining to the establishment of MQM-P should be thoroughly investigated, saying that the allegation that MQM-P was established in Rangers Headquarters is a sensitive and serious one.

Orignally published by NNI

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