HPSAP alleged of failure to apply renewal as per regulator rules


The Executive Committee (EC) members of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) have alleged that the Halal Products & Service Association of Pakistan (HPSAP) has adversely failed to apply the renewal as per regulator rules. In a statement here on Sunday, the FPCCI EC members including Nasser Hayat Magoo, Qaisar Khan Daudzai, Mahmood Ghaznavi, Mian Abrar, Muddasir Masood referring to the rebuttal from Senior Vice President FPCCI Mazhar Ali Nasir, published the other day, said that it has disclosed many facts. They said that on April 03, 2018, office of the Deputy Director from Directorate General of Trade Organizations (DGTO) Ministry of Commerce had informed Halal Products & Services Association of Pakistan (HPSAP), Karachi, that with reference to their application for renewal of licence it is informed that cut-off date for submission of application for renewal of licence in your case was December 17, 2017. “As per Section 6(2) of Trade Organizations Act 2013, application for renewal to be made ninety days prior to the expiry of the licence. The Association applied for renewal of licence on March 14, 2018 with a delay of almost 3 months.—INP


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