How to avenge a betrayal..!

IT was a great marriage two years ago in India! It was called the Grand Alliance! In fact, so momentous was the union, that even Prime Minister Modi was shaken. And then Nitish walked out yesterday into the arms of the very man he had spurned, the prime minister himself.
And the wife in the union, Lalu, screams, “I’ve been betrayed!” We all hate a betrayal. Sad scenes appear vividly: We hear voices sorrowfully saying, “I stood by him in his early days, and now he leaves me for another!”
It’s tough for the betrayed, and it’s also tough for the betrayer as the world hates one. But I’d like to look closely at betrayal today. Are all betrayals sudden?
Is India shocked with the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish breaking away from Lalu? Wasn’t it just a week ago, that Lalu’s son was indicted in a corruption case? Did the son resign from his post as Deputy Chief Minister? Did he do the honourable thing?
So, did Nitish really have a choice? Then we also find, that Lalu actually sent feelers to the BJP asking for support so he could walk out on Nitish, rule with the BJP and in return be absolved of charges! With all this conspiracy and corruption can one blame Nitish? No, we can’t!
Likewise, there are many betrayals, not all, but many which are the culmination of weeks, and months and years of conflict. Husband and wife quarrelling, bickering, till suddenly he or she sees a way out, walks away, and the world calls him or her a betrayer. I’m not condoning the act of betrayal, all I’d like to say here, is that many a betrayed situation can be saved from happening if we listened to telltale signs.
Do you blame a wife, who was treated a little above the maid servant in her home walking into the arms of someone who’s treating her with respect? Do you blame a husband for eloping with his secretary, who realized all she needed to do, was to open her ears, nothing else, and listen to his woes everyday, something his wife had grown too busy to do?
Betrayals can be avoided. Betrayals can be thwarted from happening. Like a boil that’s threatening to burst, we know warning signs and should take drastic, direct, dramatic steps before it happens. Lalu, should have asked his son to resign. He didn’t and now cries, “I’m betrayed!”
Was he? No, he wasn’t. Of course this is not about every betrayal; but if you can feel the signs, have the courage to look at your relationship, then act quickly, before you stare with dismay like Lalu’s doing right now, watching Nitish dancing the bridal dance with Modi! The best avenge for a betrayal is to prevent it from happening. If only Lalu had known this..!
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