How RAW extends India’s evil agenda?

S Qamar Afzal Rizvi

Much seems reflected in the recently issued chargesheet by the government— against eight Indian diplomats(undercover agents) working in India’s embassy in Islamabad—that India’s notion of RAW-sponsored espionage mission aims at nothing but destabilizing Pakistan. The three glaring features that define India’s foreign policy are: conspiracy, centrifugalism and propaganda. RAW has been the main instrument to advance this notorious policy goals.Undoubtedly Modi’s antagonist agenda accompanied by India’s national security advisor Ajit Doval’s imperialist diplomacy serves no other purposes than to conspire against Pakistan.
“Doval wields more influence than previous national security advisers in part because of his credibility and experience in intelligence and security matters,” said Sameer Patil, who served in the prime minister’s national Security Council secretariat under the previous Congress government. Patil said it was long rumored that Doval advised Modi even before he was elected prime minister in 2014.In papers published during that time, Doval argued for a more assertive foreign policy and a beefed up military. Being the policy commander of RAW, Indian Prime minister’s agenda is of no secret against Pakistan.RAW’s espionage doctrine is fundamentally nurtured on the principle of waging a continuous series of battles of intrigues and secret wars.
First, the conspiracy role. Ever since its creation in 1968, RAW has always been a vital tool/ actor in Indian policy-making apparatus. RAW played a paramount role in the cessation of East Pakistan in 1971 by encouraging Mukti Bahinis. A fact which as has been recently accepted by Narendra Modi himself. RAW has carved out its expertise in mastering the devious art of spy warfare. To create a powerful tool within the organisation which could undertake covert operations in neighbouring countries, RAW became a blue eyed policy narrative of all the past governments in India. It has been in this background that RAW became an international actor by assuring its proxy role in collaboration with CIA, MI-6, BND, and the Mossad via Christo-Judo-Hindu alliance against Muslims. ( Is not this the root cause of delaying conflict resolutions on Palestine and Kashmir?) Surely, RAW’s chief works directly under the Indian Prime Minister. The Director RAW, is responsible for the Office of Special Operations (OSO).
Second, the RAW’ scentrifugalism. During the Cold War and the post-Cold War phases, the former Afghan intelligence outfit and RAW stepped up their efforts to concentrate on influencing and covert exploitation of the tribes on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. There has been a closed co-ordination between the these intelligence agencies not only in Afghanistan but in destabilisation of Pakistan through subversion and sabotage plan related to Afghan refugees and mujahedeen, the tribal belt and inside Pakistan. They have been the evil mentors of— spotting and recruitment of hostile tribesmen and their training in – organisingguerrilla warfare in the pro-Afghan tribes of Pakistan in order to carry out bomb explosions in Afghan refugee camps in NWFP and Baluchistan.
They also carried out bomb blasts in populated vicinities deep inside Pakistan including both urban Sindh and Punjab thereby also creating the panic and hatred in the minds of locals against Afghan refugee mujahideen for pressurizing Pakistan to change its policies on Afghanistan. Raw has been considering Sindh as Pakistan’s soft under-belly. RAW has enrolled and extensive network of agents and anti-government elements. Raw has been massively involved in Balochistan— via its collaboration through the RAAM and NDS of Afghanistan— vindicated by the arrest of Kulbushan Jadhav in March 2016.
Webster Griffin Tarpley , an American correspondent in a TV interview while responding to a question said: “the Research and Analysis Wing of Indian intelligence, they are up in Afghanistan, recruiting crazies from there to bring them down and help them to engage in terrorism inside Pakistan. So the Indians have this real dirty aspect’’.
RAW and his Afghan intelligence officials also conducted courses for the Balochi language. RAW has also made a wing on all international forums, to promote this separatist movement in Balochistan. RAW also used a political personality in Canada Tariq Fateh for this purpose. In Feb 2013 at (UNHCR) meeting Tariq Fateh also gave speech against Pakistan and he met with Indian RAW officers Vikram Sood and AS for this purpose. The ISI found proofs that those who committed acts of terrorism have been paid several million dollars. RAW has had played a centrifugal role in the South Asian region including countries, Nepal, Srilanka ,Buhtan and Maldives.A brief disclosure of RAW’s culpable operations in neighboring countries holds sufficient warrants to unravel its regional agenda to suit India Doctrine (Open Secrets. India’s Intelligence unveiled by M K Dhar. Manas Publications, New Delhi, 2005).
And third, the RAW’s strategy of propaganda. RAW’S idee fixe about the ISI has taken the shape of ISI-phobia, as in India the origin— of all ill happenings and shortcomings— is directly or indirectly routed to the ISI-sponsored linkage. RAW is also involved in confusing the ground situation is Kashmir so as to divert the world attention away from the gross human rights violations by India in India occupied Kashmir. RAW has also tried to undermine Pakistan’s external image, especially in the West by taking advantage of the West’s Islamophobia-cum- Islamic radicalism. The Raw-backed Indian media has been constantly waging the campaign— to blame the ISI responsible for India’s troubles in her northeastern states and East Punjab— is well evident of the Pathan Kot and the Uri incidents.
The fascists Indian policy mangers think that it is in India’s interests that the war on terrorism against Al-Qaeda/ IS, or a Pakistani proxy must be best fought with the Afghan sinew. While the global community gravely rejects covert war/proxy war as an instrument of state policy, India seems firmed on its agenda of exporting state terrorism through RAW which seeks to destabilise and weaken the states of the SAARC-affiliated zone. Pakistan’s Foreign Office alleges that the eight suspected RAW and the IB operatives handled Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) factions, fueled sectarianism in Pakistan and created unrest in Balochistan, Sindh, and Gilgit-Balistan. Understandably, the RAW- driven subversive activities are in blatant violations of the UN’s Charter.
— The writer is an independent ‘IR’ researcher based in Karachi.

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