How citizens participate, contribute to good governance

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When Working Group Of Informatics and Asian Development Bank indicators of governance talk about good governance they lay considerable emphasis on ‘Transparency’ and ‘Accountability’ both these are not attainable unless citizens participate in governance process .In large democracies direct participation of citizen in the governance process poses a big challenge on account of large populations even in small pockets. Illiteracy, political negligence and insufficient mechanism to incorporate citizen participation pose further challenges. In such a context ,How citizen participation in governance is possible.
A citizen participation in governance process to follow the rules and regulations smoothly, made by Legislative, Executive, and Judicial mechanisms.
As someone working on deliberative democracy and its practices , I think we should not exaggerate electoral accountability off course , It is better than nothing , however it is not an effective way of ensuring a democratic system .At the end of the day .we are talking about the power that can be used 4 or 5 years. Such power is simply not powerful .The lack of citizen power in politics is a systematic issue .Unless the ideas and perspective of citizen’s are transmitted to the Political Arena. We cannot talk about the power of people .Education is crucially important that effects voting preference. However this does not make the system any more democratic than it is now unless. People have more chances of effecting the policy making .This needs a better systemic environment than electoral politics.
Here , I think deliberative and participatory modals offer great ways of political decision .Institution of public discussion could promote improvements in good governance and also enhance the owner ship of program .Public discussion is potentially important in promoting good governance .Though, some countries have tended to encourage this type of public debate on matters of governance .
There have often been no mechanism for pursuing the outcome of the discussions to the right conclusion .These discussions would bring to the fore increased or at least induce compliance awareness within the population / citizens of benefits of certain policy measure as they seek to maximize social welfare .In addition as the part of the efforts to words promoting good governance the public debates of government programs would lead to increased or at least induce , compliance by policy makers ,hence provoke good governance .
Finally, public debates or discussions would be quite instrumental in minimizing the special advantages of the various in trust groups that have often negatively influenced most processes relating to good governance. The ultimate process of increasing the awareness of the citizens, of their active role and participation in national matters would go a long way to promote good governance .Citizens should feel that the developmental activities perform by the government is for them .It means the work performed by the government is People Centric Approach. The citizens must be dignified by the state which make them accountable responsible if the citizens ‘ participations can contribute the good governance because they themselves responsible and accountable .
Role of media has been highlighted a lot already .But the prerequisite for active participation by the citizens lies and hinges largely on the general sense of the rights and the liberty of the population to forcefully participate in the Governance matters .Community knowledge policies enable them to demand for the implementation of those policies. Also , knowledge of budget provisions encourages them to hold government for budget implementation.
Strengthening the relationship between government and public is a basic need .Through participation in various sectors like Agriculture , Health , Education , Mass media people can contribute towards it .But above everything a Government is as transparent as its people are .So, citizens clean mind and thought (transparency) are mandatory factors for good governance . In upcoming elections , everyone should play his role in this democratic process and keep this process smooth and peaceful.

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