Houthi’s despicable agenda

REBEL Houthi-Saleh group’s attempt to target Makkah city, home to the most sacred sites, including the Grand Mosque, with a ballistic missile fired from Yemen’s northwestern Saada province on Thursday night is by all means, an atrocious criminal act — the one which sent a deep wave of anguish and drew criticism from Muslim world. Though we do not find any appropriate word to condemn the incident in strongest terms yet those who dared to launch the missile must know the strong sentiments and affection that Muslims attach to these sacred sites.
In Pakistan there was also a strong reaction on the incident. The Foreign Office issued a statement expressing anger of the government and people of the country over launching of missile by Houthi militias towards Makkah. We have no doubt in mind that Saudi Arabia is fully capable to defend the holiest sites and its territory but in case of any threat to them, they would find people and government of Pakistan standing shoulder to shoulder with the Kingdom. This is the commitment that Pakistani people and government have expressed repeatedly not with the intent of any favour to the Kingdom but as part of faith to render their blood to protect these sacred sites in Saudi Arabia. Muslim Ummah is already faced with many challenges and our enemies are hatching conspiracies to trigger anarchy and chaos in important countries particularly Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. These challenging times warrant both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to collectively and vigorously work for promoting unity and harmony in the Muslim countries as the enemy wants to incite sectarian wars in order to destroy Muslim countries. While reinvigorating the Arab League and the OIC, every Muslim is duty bound to act responsibly and avoid becoming a tool in the hands of the enemy.

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