Hospitals require major surgery

WHAT to expect of quality healthcare when those entrusted with the responsibility themselves get involved in different types of fraud. Some black sheep in hospitals have tarnished the image of their profession so much that common man can no longer trust doctors and paramedical staff. Hospital staff is already in the news for their negligence in taking proper care of patients but now they have been found involved in defrauding patients to fill their pockets at the cost of precious lives.
CJP Saqib Nisar, who since assuming office has taken notices on important matters, on Tuesday took a suo motu notice on reports that some hospitals in Punjab are either putting stents in heart patients even when they were not required or exorbitantly charging the patients. Matter does not end here as there are also reports that patients were also charged for fake/bogus angioplasty. In a meeting chaired by Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif, it was also disclosed that low quality and unregistered stents are being used in several hospitals. As the inquiry report has been sought by the SC, we will pray the court to order strict punishment for those not only plundering the poor people but also playing with their lives. In fact this is not a unique case of its kind rather it will not be exaggeration to say that a whole mafia is operative in public and private hospitals committing different kinds of heinous crimes such as stealing important body parts, including kidney, in operations. In delivery cases, it has often been observed that doctors force the patient for a caesarean when it is not at all required. Situation warrants a complete overhaul of our healthcare and hospital systems and putting in place a proper mechanism to ensure supervision of indoor activities of doctors and paramedical staff. To check fraud in medical profession, there is also need to prosecute and award strict punishment to those playing with the lives of people. We hope Punjab CM as well as other provincial govts will look into these matters and take requisite steps to ensure that hapless patients are not deprived of their money and body parts.

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