Hospitals losing their traditional trust

HOSPICES are meant to heal the wounds of patients but over the period of time it is being observed that they are rather turning out to be adding salt to their wounds. Apart from the negligence of medical staff and lack of proper medical facilities, such horrific incidents are happening in public sector hospitals that the whole humanity will feel ashamed.
In one such shocking and shameful act, a male nurse at PIMS, Islamabad raped a twenty-year-old disabled girl at intensive care unit and the hospital’s administration instead of taking prompt action against the culprit has tried to hush up the case. Thanks to the PM for taking notice of the incident and forming an inquiry team which dismissed an initial medical report calling PIMS administration’s decision of informing police with a considerable delay a criminal negligence. Indeed, the hospital’s administration’s dillydallying amounts to assisting the culprit to escape and obliteration of evidence. Such criminal incidents and that too with immunity have become quite rampant in our hospitals. Apart from rape incidents, we also frequently hear about the parents getting robbed of their newly born child before they actually could even have a proper look at their loved one. Hospital administration’s action in all such despicable incidents has always been deplorable one as they are often seen hiding their criminal negligence and facilitating the culprit, if it is the staff member, to get scot-free. A cursory visit to these hospitals would reveal weary looks in patient’s eyes, visible agony on their attendants’ faces as if they were forlorn and helpless in the whole wide world. Some of these emotions may arise due to the severity of the afflictions but a lot may be because of the pathetic conditions at the hospitals and behaviour of the doctors and paramedical staff that add to the patients’ woes. Our hospitals have become a hub of problems and time has come that the government pay attention towards introducing necessary reforms in them so that people could go there with sheer confidence and a sense of security. As regards the rape of young girl at PIMS, the culprit should be given such an exemplary punishment that in future nobody else could dare to do the same.

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