Hospitality vs hostility


Ali Sukhanver
HOSTILITY always requires some strong basis particularly when the matter is between two countries. When we talk of an air of hatred and disgust for India in Pakistan, we find strong reasons of this hatred and disgust. Indian atrocities in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, human rights violations of the Muslims living an India, burning and demolishing of mosques and massacre of the Muslims for slaughtering cows are few of these reasons. Moreover India’s heinous role in separating the other part of Pakistan, the East Pakistan now known as Bangladesh is also one of these reasons. But sometimes we find an air of hostility between the two countries without any rhyme and reason; Pakistan and Afghanistan are also among the list of such countries which are always in an invisible state of war. As far as Pakistan is concerned, it has never dealt Afghanistan as a hostile country.
There are a large number of scholars, thinkers, politicians and religious leaders in Afghanistan who give no value to the Durand line; they say that this partition line could not divide the hearts and souls of the people living along the both sides of this boundary line. And more interesting fact is that Pakistan also treats the people of Afghanistan as its own people. They are allowed to come to Pakistan very freely and as frequently as they like. There is no visa-fee charged from the Afghans and apart from this free-visa access there are so many other facilities provided to the people of Afghanistan at their own door-step. Education is one of the fields in which Pakistan has been providing a lot of services to Afghanistan since long. According to a recent report, every year more than fifty thousand Afghan refugee children get education in Pakistani schools. An analysis says that more than half of the present-day Afghans have received their education from Pakistan.
In spite of so many of its own economic problems, Pakistan has recently announced Higher Education scholarships for 3000 Afghan university and college students. Moreover Pakistan embassy in Kabul provides regular scholarship and technical training opportunities to the Afghan students. The Allama Iqbal-faculty in University of Kabul, Sir Syed Science Faculty Block in Nangarhar University and Liaqat Ali Khan Engineering Faculty in Balkh University are few of the educational service-projects completely funded and furnished by the government of Pakistan. There is a Rehman Baba High School in Kabul run by the government of Pakistan which caters the educational requirements of more than1200 students. This school has a huge hostel also with capacity of one thousand students. In short Pakistan could never be drawn out of the veins of educated Afghan youth. But in spite of all these marvelous services, there has ever been an official propaganda movement against Pakistan.
From President Hamid Karzai to President Ashraf Ghani, officially the situation in Afghanistan always remains hostile to Pakistan. Some critics are of the opinion that the people of Afghanistan and the government of Afghanistan always move in just opposite directions. The people of Afghanistan never take Pakistan as their enemy country but the matter with the rulers has always been altogether different. When Hamid Karzai was the president of Afghanistan, he had a notion that his ‘selection’ at that post was a blessing of USA. That is why he had been trying to please USA by using all fair and foul means. He did all his best to accommodate India in his country as it has been a very old rather ‘stale’ desire of US to replace the important role of Pakistan in Afghanistan with that of India.
Same is the case with President Ashraf Ghani. It is very unfortunate for US and very unlucky for India that the people of Afghanistan never showed their willingness to accept India as a friendly country. They don’t have any religious or cultural similarities with the Hindu-dominating country India but on the other hand culturally and religiously they share a lot with Pakistan. Afghanistan and Pakistan are just like two brothers having same blood in their veins; international conspiracies would never succeed in creating bad-blood between them. The only thing the two countries need is to keep an eye on the forces which try to create misunderstandings and confusions between them with the help of their false propaganda. If Pakistan were not a well-wisher of Afghanistan, it would not have offered its sincere services for the reconstruction of Afghanistan. A peacefully prosperous Afghanistan would always be a source of strength and vigour for Pakistan.
—The writer is freelance columnist based in Multan.

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