Horror with hope

Afsa Bnao

Flash and blood is everywhere, green flag is stained with red, hearts are dead, peace and tranquility has gone away, shadows of horror and tribulation are penetrating into the mind of the people. Even though funeral are paying in each home but the face of Pakistan is painted with the mark of terrorism. This nation has made more than fifty thousand sacrifices, but still we are the scapegoat of world powers. There is no unity and harmony among us, status of Pakistan is punctured by the so called peace promoting nation of the world. No doubt, this is point of agreement that this nation was dismantled by the mistakes of ours but why we creep what our next generation has not sowed.
We have lost our beloved ones, so those who can’t afford further, are living Pakistan to settle abroad. They took these steps to keep in mind that these circumstances are so much widened that it will take years to wash it out. Instability in economic condition is creating unemployment. This unemployment will us to unrest among the inhabitants. Where from will they get their basic livelihood? Who will give them peace to sleep with comfort and with satisfaction that, this situation has to change on day.
Terrorism is the not only the issue of Pakistan but this disease has spread in many countries. West is taking measures to stop this terrorism but terrorist are fighting gruella war. Enemy is hiding under the cover of their soft image in many societies but they are slaughtering the innocent with any discrimination.
Pakistan is one of those countries which are being destroyed by terrorism. There are a lot of after effects of disasters. Many lives and lose of peace and dignity. Pakistan is suffering from hard times of terrorism activities The start of the terrorism was in late 2007 in time of Parvez Musharaf. Talibans from Afghanistan came Pakistan and now they are destroying our country. They are working for different countries. In France 17 people were killed and forty heads of States came to participate in peace march and in Pakistan 150 students were killed and no one came. In other Muslim countries like Syria and Palestine many people were killed and are being killed too but no one is helping to solve these issues. Taliban word has taken from Talib means student.
The impacts of Terrorism are brutal and breathtaking on the country as it has destroyed the economy of our country. The main reason behind this is our politicians and horrible law & order. The foreign investors have stopped investing in Pakistan due to terrorism and new projects have been stopped that had a negative impact on our economy. No any foreigners are coming to visit our country due to Talibans. Unemployment is now increasing in our country because no new companies are being opened in our country. The peace and law and order of the country have made citizens fearful as day by day terrorist activities are being made which has killed thousands of people who were not guilty. On 16 December 2014 Talibans entered in Army Public School Peshawar and killed hundreds of students. Now we are also scared in our school that God forbid they do not enter in our school or any school.
A major hitch in Pakistan that is overcoming the peace and prosperity of this Islamic country is Terrorism. It has been fenced the independency of our lives and we are always in a fright that can never be let us to live freely and happily. So this problem must be up rooted with fits and starts and we have to be aware with the causes and prevention of this social issue.
Terrorism means the use of aggression to fright the noble nation. Those who are spreading the terrorism are called terrorist. Terrorist are everywhere and these are those peoples who are not patriot and they have no mercy in their hearts for others. There are many ways of brutality that are causing of terrorism like bomb blasting, target killing, use of hush money and much more. All these ways enhance the fright in our hearts and deadly disturb our lives and when in any country these things raise their heads the peace gone and the fear make it place with firm steps. So it can be stated that the terrorism is the mother of all the social evils and we should take up the call against this giant who will destroy the abilities of upcoming generation.
Illiteracy is always the main reason for all the social evils as well as terrorism because one who is educated can never be acclaim for killing others. Poverty is also another reason for it because when new generation will find it hard to meet the expenses of daily lives he will choose the wrong way and will become a terrorist. There are many outer agencies which are also working in Pakistan to high up the terrorism. Condition of Peoples are pathetic and they are not fully aware with the seriousness of terrorism and they are not coordinating with government in order to prevent the terrorism. The role of concerned authorities is also not up to the mark.
We can prevent the terrorism in Pakistan by taking some special steps against this evil with the great coordination of our Government.
People should admission their child to school for education instead of job anywhere in the age of their school and government should make the education free for such peoples who cannot afford for it.

Pakistan Army has took special steps with the collaboration of Government of Pakistan with the name of National Action Plan of Pakistan against terrorism. Peoples and government should join hands together and make a master plan that can be fade away terrorists from Pakistan.
The special investigation departments and our rangers should be honest with their work and government should give them special training to caught such agencies which are spreading the terrorism in Pakistan.

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