Horrible experience at NADRA centre

Maaz Aftab

I thought that I would not go NADRA again in next 10 years, but, unfortunately, I go there because of the spelling mistake in my name, and what makes it so scary to go there, apparently, it is the lethargic management of NADRA.
For any sort of work, it takes a whole day in NADRA, substantially, because of the mismanagement. Firstly, the token system in NADRA is so abortive and antiquated. The gateman is calling, “Shazia! Shazia…” in his raucous voice, while Shazia is taking too much time to respond. It is strange that why don’t they use the technology. They can at least use the token system like in banks, thus people will come, collect their tokens and wait for their token number to be announced bur they rather use the out dated token system in which people fight for their turns and that makes mess. Secondly, there is only one clerk, particularly, in Malir NRC, who deals the huge crowd of people that takes 15-20 minutes/person, thereby slowing down the process further.
NADRA is a national organisation, however it is gloomy that people feel so reluctant going there and completing their national responsibilities. So, NADRA must take some very serious steps to make its system more people friendly.
— Karachi

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