Horrible consequences of uncontrolled rage!

As a nation we have let our emotions rule us. If we observer small things closely we would find the cause of this attitude. When driving on the High way we find the drivers racing the Buses without any concern for the safety of the passengers. Road rage has become a menace. Our society should shun intolerance. We have not acquitted ourselves by not educating & guiding the young generation in civility & mannerism. The lack of interest in raising the children has caused grievances. Parents & teachers should join hands to discipline the young ones. May be this is not priority with us to shape up the society. We fight likes dogs and cats on the national TV. We criticise others but do the same things. Our politicians blame each other. We need to gear up & prepare our nation to act in a responsible manner. This show of force through political meetings must be given up.We must set our priorities straight. And find direction to channelise our energies in building a nation. The character is the most important value. The Universal laws should be complied with 100 % accuracy. We cannot change the fundamentals but we can change ourselves. Let us avow to bring a meaningful change in the country. Uncontrolled rage must be reduced and shunned.

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