Honour of East & Oscar of West

Salman Farsi

The attributes of love, hatred, envy, jealousy, self esteem, honour, respect, neglect, indifference etc. are as old as human race. All these factors are in fact the part and parcel of the human nature, and cannot be completely rooted out. The first murder of a human being on the surface of this earth – that of Abel by Cain, the sons of Adam, the first Prophet of God – was also motivated by the sentiments of jealousy and honour. The human nature and human attributes are very important and no tradition, rule or law can be made against it.
The deadly World Wars in the 20th century, gave a big shock to the human race as these wars created a big imbalance in the gender demography of Europe and the biological human needs pushed the western society in a situation where human beings – the crown of all creations – reduced to the level of ‘He-Yahoos’ and ‘She-Yahoos’ with all the beastly attributes. The Post-World Wars Europe witnessed a new culture of girl-friends, boy-friends, dating, mating, Valentines and free male-female open intimacies; and a concept of human liberties devoid of established moral standards imbued in the human nature.
The moral degradation has further aggravated in the Post modern era West that the concepts of male-male and female-female intimacies are getting licence from the law making bodies. However, despite all animal-like freedom, the saner elements even among the Occidentals still cherish a moral code and the words like illicit relations, fornication, rape, indecency are still relevant and are taken peevishly. The conservatives of Orientals, especially the Pakistanis and Indians, have been the custodians of the traditional moral social values and are known as such throughout the globe; but with the passage of time, advent of the new communication technologies and media, this part of the world is also influenced by the exotic media onslaught with the new generation being the most affected and vulnerable segment of the society.
In spite of all slogans of liberalization, women rights, free sex, unchecked conjugal relations and modern trends, the human being remains the same as he/she was thousands of years ago. Howsoever, modern or liberal one might be, the human attributes of love, hatred, envy, jealousy, pride, honour and self-respect cannot get alien to one. Nobody will normally accept the seduction of his/her spouse, loved one, by somebody else. Even the enthusiastic protagonists of the human liberties will not digest the seduction or elopement of their wives, sisters, daughters and other ladies in the family with somebody despised by them, though acceptable to the relevant lady in the family. We are living in a world of hypocrites, having different shades of standards – different in different situations. We want to enjoy the company of somebody’s sister but don’t want somebody to enjoy the acquaintance of our sister. It is a litmus test; peep in your own self, you will forget all philosophy of so-called socio-philosophical perceptions.
Now, just a line on much drummed women rights and violence against women: I have never seen a woman tortured, burnt to death, subjected to violence or thrown out of the house, except with the leading role of another woman – may be some mother-in-law, first or second wife, concubine, girl friend or anybody but from amongst the women. Whose rights you are going to protect – the prey or the predator, both are women; the man pays just a secondary role. The feel of self-esteem, honour of the family, virtue of the family ladies and pride of the self is very much natural to every human being. You cannot make even an Act of the Parliament that a husband will not react, take it very lightly and will not lose his temper, if his wife is seduced, raped or taken away by somebody else; and that you will not object to humiliation, desecration or intimidation of the established honour of your family.
I do believe that killing or murdering, under any reason, justification or pretext cannot be endorsed. However, the saner elements, intelligentsia, social scientists have the responsibility to find out the reasons of this phenomenon and guide the policy makers and the government to address such issues of human psychology. The oriental mindset is alien to the characteristics of the Post-World Wars West that cannot appreciate the values of the East. The western countries in the name of human rights – according to their perception of human rights – are bent upon thrusting their cultural pursuits of human rights, liberalism, negation of the institution of home, family and marriage, onto the countries like Pakistan. The stray incidents that do not fit in the comprehension of the West are projected as violative of their set of standards and thus offensive. Such individual incidents take place everywhere in the realm of human race, where a jilted lover, father, brother or spouse avenges his/her beloved, harms the rival party or even commits suicide after killing the other party. However, some pseudo-writers with or without the pat from someone in the West, or just to win some material favours, sing to the tune of those who want to discredit, humiliate or intimidate the image of the vulnerable countries like Pakistan. I wonder, it is only the so-called writers, producers or artists, who glorify the darker side of our society, are qualified to get Oscars. We have among us in Pakistan people like Abdul Sattar Edhi, who has few equals but no superior in the entire world in the field of serving the suffering humanity and social services; or one Imran Khan who committedly struggled and founded the best Cancer hospital in the Continent to serve the ailing humanity; or the persons like Jimmy Engineer and Ansar Barni, the world acclaimed human rights activists; but all these great names are never considered for a Nobel prize by the West. What an irony, the Oscar goes only to the people like Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy who project the ugly face of Pakistan and not to anyone who is the pride and honour of the entire humanity but belongs to Pakistan.
I wish Ms Chinoy could use her expertise in making documentaries on contribution of Abdul Sattar Edhi in social service, scenic beauties of glaciers, mountains and trout rich torrents and waterfalls in Northern Areas of Pakistan or on the subjects like killing of innocent people including women and children by US in drone attacks in Tribal areas of Pakistan, US bombing in Iraq under the false pretext of Weapons of Mass destruction, massacre of armless Muslims in the Indian State of Gujarat, atrocities being committed by Israeli forces in Gaza or plight of the Kashmiri women in Indian Occupied Kashmir, perpetrated by the Indian troops; and place these masterpieces for consideration by the Oscar Award Committee. God save Pakistan and its great moral values.
— The writer is freelance columnist.

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