Honour killing & women rights!

For the pace of life to be moving, both man and woman have got highly significant standings. But from the onset, women are ill-treated and considered less important creature. The terrifying and tragic story of honour killing is tooting and annunciating the horror picture of our society with no place for women. Women are considered as symbol of honour for their families thereby, they are killed for bringing dishonour to their families by committing any act which goes against the norms of society and brings disgrace on the face of the family. In fact, in many cases, the blame is not real but a woman is only alleged for possessing a wish of marrying on her own will. In such situations, family members think if the woman marries out of the family, she will also grab wealth of her part along with her, which family members never consent to give away in the hands of any stranger. There are still many women, who are wedded with Qura’an and compelled to stay with Qura’an, because their family members do not want to pass over their wealth out of the family. Many incidents have taken place but disregarded by the virtue of duplicity of the society. Recently in Dadu district, a heart curdling tragedy took place with young Tania, a 10th-class student, brutally slain by a feudal in a cold blooded way just because of refusing the marriage proposal. Yet the perpetrator is not behind the bars and enjoying the ecstasies of life to their full extent. There are boundless atrocities coming to pass with a woman but they neither be accentuated nor be penned down by the dint of upside down and counterfeit norms which are already leading the society stray.
Mirpurkhas, Sindh

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