Honesty is best prescription

Doctors need to ensure that honesty matters to patients. They need it because they are ill, vulnerable, and burdened with pressing questions which require truthful answers. On the other side, Doctors may not always be honest with their patients. Some doctors refuse to tell their patients the whole truth and may even lie to a patient.
It is doctor’s duty to change public point of view. An average patient doesn’t know about medicine, he is worried about his illness and goes to doctor to follow his evidence based medicine doesn’t empathize with the patient rather orders set of tests, this is treating a disease not curing a patient. The public in general should also understand the limitations of medical care and should not have unrealistic expectations. The doctor should also be responsive to humanistic needs of patient. No matter what the reason, the doctor-patient relationship should be a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. In a relationship of trust and respect, there is no place for dishonesty. I understand that for doctors it is difficult to be “perfectly honest”, as honesty may save a life, may take a life, and may hurt a patient. Trust, transparency and humility is necessary from both the sides.
Ahmedabad, India

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