Home maid service provider companies gaining popularity

Online home maid service provider companies are gaining popularity in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The consumers of online services expressed satisfaction of the online female maids provided for per hours to the people.
Nageena Hayat said that this is good to hire home maids for per hour instead of hiring for a month.
She said that most families are unable to pay per month salaries to maids for months but they can easily hire the services of these per maids from the online service providers. Talking owner of one such online service provider Suniya Saadullah khan said that,” the first tool we have developed is an on-demand service for maids and cleaners. We provide temporary personnel for urgent needs, for which we charge the customer an hourly rate,”
She said that “we intend to be an online platform that connects uneducated female workers with real-time work opportunities. “
“We have domestic help earning a minimum of Rs 20,000 a month. This increase in their income has enabled them to pay off loans they had taken, pay for their children’s school fees, and shift their families into better neighbourhoods,” she further told.
“Our customers choose us for the verified staff and the service quality we provide, while workers sign up to our platform because of the potential to earn a higher than average salary.”—APP

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