Hiroshimas are happening even now

THOUGH Barack Obama did not apologize for the seventy one year old despicable act of dropping atomic bomb on Hiroshima when he visited the attack site on Friday, yet it appears that he, as a minimum, tried to imagine or feel the silent cry of 140,000 victims when he stood silent to pay tributes to them at the monument site.
The trip to Hiroshima made him the first US president to visit the site of the world’s first atomic bomb attack and he sought to walk a very delicate line between honouring the dead, pushing his as-yet unrealized anti-nuclear vision and avoiding any sense of apology for an act many Americans still see as a justified end to a brutal war. In a carefully choreographed display, Obama offered a sombre reflection on the horrors of war and the danger of technology that gives humans the “capacity for unmatched destruction.” While appreciating the gesture of Obama for at least feeling for the sufferings of Hiroshima victims, we want to remind the world’s super power that due to its flawed and biased policies, Hiroshima like death and destruction is still continuing in different parts of the world including Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on. Though the Americans are not using nuclear weapons in these conflicts, yet the mass scale use of conventional weapons is inflicting the same kind of devastation and annihilation that happened in Hiroshima back in 1945. Apart from massive human losses, these conflicts have also badly ravaged the economies of those countries and it is believed that they would now require many decades to rebuild and stand on their own feet. The unbridled nature of post September 11 US interventionism, has not only encouraged the development of a virulent strain of anti American sentiments but also has multiplied the acts of extremism and terrorism manifold. We, therefore, will urge the US policy makers to do away with their discriminatory and antagonistic policies especially against the Muslim world. This will not only make the US itself safe but make the entire world cradle of peace.

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