Hindu marriage bill, 2016

Adnan Nawaz Chishti

A couple of days back Sindh Assembly legislated over the Hindu marriage. It is a very good sign for the minorities in Pakistan. There are many grievances of minorities against the state that state has lost its concerns about the protection of the fundamental rights of the minorities. However, the legislation of the Sindh Assembly over the Hindu marriages is a very good development that will benefit the Hindus. It has channelized the marriage system of Hindus. It says that the legal age for the marriage of Hindus is 18 years.
Marriages of the Hindus under the ages of 18 years wouldn’t be accepted by the state; and moreover a couple that is going to get married is subjected to take the registration certificate of the marriage, otherwise the marriage would stand void. This bill is not limited only to the Hindus rather it has also been extended to Zoroastrians and the Sikhs. This is indeed a very good breakthrough for the elimination of the grievances of the minorities in Pakistan. Same kind of legislation is under discussion in KPK Assembly and in Punjab Assembly. These bills regarding the Hindu Marriages should be legislated on priority basis in the Provinces other than the Sindh province as this would only help us to at least redress the grievances of the minorities.

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