Hillary’s welcome remarks

WHILE taking on Donald Trump’s Islamophobia in the second Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton, the nominee of Democratic Party for the White House, said the other day that her country is not at war with Islam. The remarks coming out of the mouth of a lady, who has served as the US Secretary of State and currently stands a better chance to win upcoming Presidential elections, are highly encouraging.
Yet given the ground realities where blood of Muslims is being spilled from Middle East to Afghanistan, these do not match the current realities. And Hillary after coming to power will have to go beyond mere lip service and translate her words into actions and policies by not only engaging constructively with Muslim world but also working towards addressing some of their lingering disputes and conflicts which so far have claimed millions of lives. In fact, Muslim countries have never considered the US as its enemy; rather most of the influential Muslim countries enjoy multi faceted relations with it. However, Washington’s discriminatory policies such as strengthening the hands of Israel to kill defenceless Palestinians and making interventions in Muslim countries on different pretexts, has only dented its image in Muslims so much so that there is general perception amongst them that the US has waged a crusade against Islam. Making a historic speech at Cairo University in 2009, Obama had sought a new beginning between the US and the Muslim world on the basis of mutual respect and for that he had also called for ending the cycle of suspicion and discord between the two but regrettably he did nothing in his tenures to move towards that end; rather further complicated the matters by making interventions in Libya and Syria. So with mere statements, Hillary might win votes of Muslims in her country but might not be able to alleviate anti-US sentiments that are growing outside the US. To reverse this trend, Hillary will have to say good-bye to policies that have only brought death and destruction.

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