‘Highest concentration of terrorists’

ANNUAL assessment of US military operations in Afghanistan says Pak-Afghan region has the highest concentration of terrorist groups in the world. It said that there were 98 US-designated terrorist groups around the world and 20 of them were in the Pak-Afghan region. Thirteen of these 20 groups were based in Afghanistan and seven in Pakistan.
History bears testimony to the fact that terrorism in this part of the globe is direct product of foreign intervention – first by the former Soviet Union, which invaded Afghanistan and then by the United States, which countered the move by formation of ‘Jehadi’ groups that are now dubbed as terrorists and then directly invading a sovereign country on the pretext of regime change. Before the erstwhile Soviet Union and American aggressions against Afghanistan, there were no traces of terrorism in this region but these interventions introduced bomb blasts and Kalashnikov culture. Now the United States is engaged in a battle against these militant groups but its policy has not paid during the last over one decade. In fact, Pakistan has done more to tackle the menace of terrorism than any other country in the world. It has successfully dismantled terrorist networks on its soil and they are now on the run. Again, whatever success the US and its coalition partners have achieved in Afghanistan are mainly because of wholehearted and sincere cooperation by Pakistan. However, now a stage has come when it is felt that use of force would not serve any useful purpose and instead genuine efforts should be made to promote Afghan reconciliation. Pakistan has offered its fullest possible cooperation for the purpose but the Afghan side is now playing into the hands of New Delhi, which has a clear agenda of creating instability in the region. We hope the new administration in Washington would review its Afghan policy and there would be more focus on dialogue than use of force.

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