High tuition fee

Maaz Israr

The private schools in Karachi have now made it a habit to increase the tuition fee every year. This has created the heck of a trouble not only for the middle class families but also for those who are quite well-to-do! The importance of education cannot be denied but the way these private schools are increasing fee frequently is causing an enormous burden on the monthly budget of the household. The prices of basic necessities are already sky-rocketing and these high tuition fee add only to the problems of the people.
Even the normal school fee has crossed the 3000 mark and the reputed schools are out of the question. But what is worse is that the quality of education at these schools cannot draw level with the high charges and it seems that the advancement at these educational institutes is only being made in terms of finance and business. Quality and true essence of education are no longer a matter of consideration.

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