HESCO violating PEC rules on promotions

N M Azaad


Despite availability of posts of Junior Engineers, HESCO (Hyderabad Electric Supply Company) has kept deprived its graduate engineer employees of departmental promotion since 2000 violating the departmental policy set by its mother organization, PEPCO. HESCO by neglecting graduate engineers, has ‘adjusted’ matriculates and diploma holders on the post of SDO/Junior Engineer BPS-17, violating Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Act.
There are almost a hundred graduate engineers in HESCO who are victims of wrong policies of HR department of the HESCO. A number of affected employees came to Pakistan Observer Hyderabad to record their statements and provided some documents to show injustice of HR department.
According to documents provided by them the HESCO had advertised for the post of Junior Engineer and conducted test on 07.10.2000. Interview of successful candidates was held on 07.12.2000. Training of passers was started in Regional Training Centre (RTC) Jamshoro.
In the end of completion of training, qualified candidates were issued certificates of Junior Engineer by RTC Jamshoro on 14.05.2001. Surprisingly, all Junior Engineers were informed that HESCO had no any vacancy for them and they would be adjusted against an authorized post of LS on 17.05.2001. Passers were amazed that how the organization could go through the process without having authorized posts/vacancies.
Sadly, all those graduate engineers who once successfully qualified the post of Junior Engineer (Grade 17) were appointed as LS – II and SSO –II on 17.05.2001. Some of those were gradually promoted as LS – I and SSO – I but a large number of them are have not been promoted after passing of seventeen years. As far as recruitment rules of the department are concerned, these are clearly described as a) an employee with Matriculation can be inducted on posts of BPS 1 to 5 only, like ASSA / ALM etc, b) diploma holders can be inducted on the Post of LS- II / SSO – II, c) B. Tech Holders can be inducted on the Post of LS- I / SSO – I and d) B.E / Graduate Engineers can be inducted on the post of Junior Engineer / Assistant Managers.

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