The heroic tales of unending sacrifices and the need for the nation to remain united

Rayyan Baig

ANOTHER star to shine on the galaxy of martyrs who sacrifice their today for the tomorrow of our children is Major Ishaq. The 28 years young father of an infant, the dream of her young wife and the hope of his parents sacrificed his life defending his motherland. Major Ishaq is neither the first nor the last one to have laid his life for the safety of twenty million Pakistanis. It’s an unending heroic tale which the valiant sons of Pakistan Armed Forces and other LEAs feel proud to zestfully write with their blood. The galaxy of these shining stars includes all ranks, from soldiers to generals. The ratio of Pakistani Armed Forces officers versus soldiers sacrificing their lives in action is highest in the world.
The armed forces of Pakistan are the lowest costing armed forces in the world. In the war on terror, in terms of resources and technology, the Pakistan Army had no match to USA/NATO forces, yet it did wonders. The US/NATO forces couldn’t defeat the terrorists in Afghanistan despite having the best weapons, technology and unlimited resources. The success in Swat, operation Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-ul-Fasaad, in routing out terrorists, is the manifestation of the resolve and sense of sacrifice of armed forces. The victory of Pakistan Army, despite resource constraint, is attributed to the valor of its soldiers and the tradition of its officers to lead from the front, which also makes it distinct from other armies of the world.
The history of Armed forces of Pakistan is replete with the heroic deeds of its members from all three services including other LEAs. Pakistan Army is respected all over the world due to its professionalism and courage, from the employment in UN Missions to any international contest it has always proved its mettle. The recent consecutive second win of Pakistan Army in Cambrian Petrol against 131 army teams from across the world, is the manifestation of its professionalism. The Armed forces of Pakistan comprise members from all the segments of society, thus have deep roots in the society and are loved by the entire nation. The various feats achieved by the Army, including success in war against terror would have not been possible without the nation standing at its back.
In case of any difficulty/ challenge, including natural calamities, the nation looks toward its Armed forces for help, and they never disappoint their nation. The assistance rendered by Armed forces includes, other than its operations against the enemies of Pakistan, helping the nation during floods, earthquakes, accidents, desalination of canals, control of epidemics, settlement of IDPs, anti-dacoit operations, returning of normalcy in FATA and Karachi and host of other things. The nation and the armed forces complement each other, the army provides strength to the nation and vice versa. Our enemies after getting defeated in the hands of Army have embarked upon the policy of “Divide and Rule”, and trying to divide the nation and turn it against its institutions.
The recipe to destroy any nation is, first to divide the nation and turn it against its own armed forces, followed by piecemeal destruction of its armed forces and ultimately decimation of the entire country/ nation, the same has been practiced in Libya, Iraq and Syria. The people of all these countries were spending very comfortable and prosperous lives before they blindly followed the malevolent propaganda, now they are spending sub human lives, even worse than animals. The enemies of Pakistan are all bent to repeat the same recipe for Pakistan as well. God forbid, if the bond between Armed Forces and the nation breaks and Pakistan Army gets week, the vultures are waiting all around Pakistan to rip the country in pieces and make the lives of Pakistanis miserable, worse than Libya, Iraq and Syria.
The renowned American scholar ‘Stephen Cohen’ states that “all failing states have weak army, he further stated that “Pakistan’s Army is strong enough to prevent state failure”. Our enemies know that the Pakistan Army and the Unity of the Nation are the ‘Centre of Gravity’ of Pakistan; they have joined hands to weaken it and then destroy it in detail. To start with, they have embarked upon smear campaign to malign Pakistan Army for every ill happening in the country and divide the public opinion on every issues, the use of media/ social media is being extensively used for this purpose. A few paid pseudo intellectuals, journalists, media groups and politicians, to hide their wrong doings, have also joined the blitz.
The situation demands extreme vigilance at every level, there is a dire need that the nation remains united and dispels all negative propaganda against its institutions including Judiciary and Armed Forces. We can collectively thwart all enemy designs by turning deaf ear to propaganda, shunning the differences and showing tolerance towards each other. The famous universal quote “United we stand, divided we fall” is truer for Pakistan and the key to the survival and success of the country. There is no dearth of valiant sons laying their lives to protect the honor and integrity of the motherland and no force on earth can harm/ undo Pakistan unless we get divided internally.

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