Hepatitis rules Islamabad

Khazir Klasra

Islamabad is the Federal Capital of Pakistan which is known as seat of power in Pakistan because whole country’s affairs are watched and run by Islamabad. Prime Minister of Pakistan and its Cabinet with all its high ups are based here to run the country’s affairs but situation in Islamabad is running like “Chiragh Talay Indhera” in health Sector of Capital. Pakistan is one of the countries most affected by liver diseases especially hepatitis.
According to the World Health Organization, 11 percent of Pakistanis suffer from hepatitis with 5 percent of them suffering from chronic disorders. Experts say that 35 percent of affected patients need liver transplantation. To handle this situation the facility of Liver Transplantation was started at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences on the directives of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani in November 2010.
It was later named as Centre for Organ Transplant on December 21, 2012. After which Kidney Transplantation was started. Woe to the priorities of our leaders in power, the Organ Transplant Programme is non-functional since December 2013. PIMS high ups give a reason for non functional position of said programme due to lack of trained Liver Transplant Surgeons, Haematologists, Anaesthetists and Intensive care Specialists which is just joke because Private Hospitals are running the said programme while the government sector is giving excuses of non-availability of trained staff which is a joke.
For the last six years, the facility of Liver Transplant is not functional which shows that the government’s negligence and on the other side the PIMS administration is least concerned about Liver Transplantation portfolio, which is need of the hour because patients of said disease are being looted and fleeced at private hospitals.
No doubt, the Motorways and Metro bus service projects are important for the country but health is more important for the people. PML-N government should set up Liver Transplantation Centre at PIMS and remove all hurdles which are created by some elements who are the agents of Private Hospitals and bring those officials before the law who have misused the funds of the said important programme.

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