Hepatitis in Sindh

There are estimates that over a million people in Pakistan are infected with Hepatitis B and C, but the ratio of hepatitis-infected persons is much higher in Sindh. Around 20% to 25% of the population in the province is infected with the virus. Scores of people have died annually , especially the young, due to hepatitis, whose lives could be saved by proper treatment. Pakistan had the second highest number of viral hepatitis patients after China but China reduced the number to only 1% through effective vaccination. Therefore, our government should arrange free-of-charge screening of hepatitis B and C so that people could know whether they were infected with hepatitis virus. Also, the government should make the hepatitis screening certificate mandatory at the time of issuance of computerised national identity cards to citizens so that the government could know the actual number of patients infected with viral hepatitis in the country.
Gulberg, Karachi.

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