Hepatitis B injection not available

Khalifa Arman

Hepatitis B is an excessive hazardous virus which viciously onslaughts liver and eats the liver like insects; it is known as silent killer because when it attacks, it attacks silently and you will not feel that you have already become vulnerable to this deadly virus. Whenever it eats your liver up, you feel it, go to the doctor, undergo tests, ultrasounds and investigations; but it is too late to fight the virus because non-availability of injection.
In addition, due to this, thousands people lose their lives in Pakistan. The poor people can not afford as the tablets are too expensive and beyond one’s capacity and purchasing power. I requested the concerned organizations and the drug control authorities to ensure the availability of the requisite life saving medicines and injections at reasonable and affordable prices so that the victims of the divastating virus could be saved.
—Turbat, B alochistan

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