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The countries from across the world have been entangled in numerous issues almost longer than thought now. The East or the West, the world is crying for help on various fronts. For instance, the civil disturbance that Syria has been facing, the constant French protests and the current political/economic crises facing Venezuela are serious issues that are making news now across the world. What are the reasons for this current situation? Maybe the mess has been right there from time immemorial. Then what can be done in the best-possible way? In fact, transparency, fruitful talk and understanding are better ways to resolve the issues.
For example, the people in my native areas like Tuticorin, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu have been facing the inherent issues like settlement, land dispute and other local issues. However, these issues are often getting resolved through efforts like pep talks. And I have keenly observed many such pep talks among the parties in the areas like Tirunelveli. Similarly the countries should shed the unwanted shackles and they must come forward to resolve their issues through talk.
Breathing, drinking, eating and sleeping are all amazing common things among us – human beings. The fact is that the world community has been literally standing on the threshold of factors like the hard work of the people, nature’s gifts like rain, knowledge, bountiful agriculture and technology. If any of these factors ceases to exist, so does the whole world. After all, the world needs a helping hand. Only then will it be possible for the world to keep on moving. Finally, the countries have miles to go on the subjects like climate, environment, natural resources, food production, health, wealth, industry, education and employment.
Maharashtra, India


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