‘HeForShe’: Feminism today

Shabraiz Mushtaq

Rambling away from the complex and plunging into the complexities of the complex. It is this time men and women jump in distant past, back and forth to the present, swooning in delightful possibilities of scopes that we’ve discovered, to entrench ourselves in and lead without the constraints of gender. The school of thought has not veered from the doomed ceiling; women have been caged in for centuries. We are in the process of making history by claiming women’s fundamental rights as human beings. A cry of the voices unheard has been heard and is not incapable of change.
The worth of a modern woman is no longer synonymous with the male figures in her life. Splintering away from patriarchy, today’s female is carving a path for herself. slide our hand across the map, it aches but in a few places. Feminism has greatly been positively assembling men’s life. Men are unloaded of the responsibility which definitely bolstered and fed their ego, of taking care of the women around them. Feminism has narrowed it down to caring as a natural human instinct.
In a South-Asian household, a woman is considered ‘safe’ if a guy like figure roams around her like a stuck shadow. Today, Asian girls are negating the word protector in lieu of a certain man or a woman. A mortal cannot protect a mortal. Feminism has allowed all to close their eyes and search for their existence, to know ultimately, all one has is their own self. The progress that has been made by mankind to this point is one to be acknowledged, however it is not yet one to be appreciated. Evolution has always been subjective. To be in the 21st century and still have to fight for these rights is proof of the existence of this problem itself.

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