Hear cries of Kashmiris

DESPITE facing continued persecution and restrictions of all sorts at the hands of Indian occupation forces, the valiant Kashmir people are as firm and steadfast today in their legitimate and just freedom movement as they were seven decades ago. Similarly and regrettably those claiming to be champions of democracy and human rights have also not altered their course of turning their backs to the plight of the oppressed people.
Friday again saw the Kashmiri people on both sides of the line of control as elsewhere in the world pouring in large number on the streets to observe the Indian Republic Day as a Black Day to expose the myth of the day and India’s sham democracy, reminding the world of its commitments and to demonstrate that come what may they will not agree to anything less than independence from the cruel clutches of occupation forces. In fact, India never gets tired of being the biggest world democracy but the fact is that the system which actually protects fundamental rights and aspirations of the people is in the shambles especially ever since under Modi’s installation as PM for supporting and promoting Hindu nationalism while usurping the rights of Muslims and other minorities. In case of occupied Kashmir, such a brute force is being used against innocent and armless Kashmiri people in the form of pellet guns and other ammunition of different sorts coupled with enforcement of black laws that the heads of those claiming to be flag bearers of human rights should hang in shame. Due to their political and economic expediencies and those wanting to make India policeman of the region are keeping a complete mum on the atrocities being carried out in occupied Kashmir. Had any Muslim country would have been committing any such crime against Christians or followers of any other faith, the response of the world major capitals would not have been indifferent but the one to impose bone numbing sanctions and other strict measures against it. Anyway we have no doubt in saying that despite India’s intransigence and world’s insensitivity, the Kashmiri people will change the course of history through their relentless struggle and see the dawn of independence very soon. Whilst Pakistan has always expressed solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren, it is also time for other Muslim countries especially those enjoying good relations with New Delhi to listen to the cries of oppressed people, stand by them and force the Indian government to resolve the dispute.

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