Heaps of trash all around Karachi

PILES of garbage emitting bad odour and overflowing gutters have become a common sight in country’s most populous city Karachi but unfortunately those entrusted responsibility of keeping the city neat and clean appear to be turning their back to the situation which may result into residents attracting different infectious diseases – the ones which in fact thrive in unsanitary conditions. The situation has reached such alarming levels that the media especially people on the social media have started declaring Karachi as king of trash heaps – something that should bow down the heads of Provincial govt and relevant departments in utter shame.
Quite recently, MQM had started a cleanliness campaign in different areas of the Provincial capital which in a way helped raise awareness amongst the residents to keep their surroundings clean but drive failed to bring any visible change and the situation stands where it was before, as one still can see heaps of dirt in every vicinity of the city. In fact issue of sanitation and cleanliness requires intervention from relevant departments on regular rather on daily basis to keep the environment free from all pollutants but the lacklustre attitude of the Water and Sewerage Board and District Municipal Corporations has made the things worse in the city which is internationally recognized as the economic and commercial hub of Pakistan. Not only the situation has made the lives of Karachites miserable but it is also bringing bad repute to the country that it cannot maintain hygienic conditions in one of its main cities. As the locals have failed to manage the situation, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah while chairing a meeting on Wednesday directed the local government department to sign an agreement with a Chinese firm for garbage collection from three districts of the metropolis. How deplorable it is that even for cleaning our towns and areas, we are looking towards China to come for our help. As the city has the relevant departments for sanitation and sewerage, we will urge the Provincial government to activate these dormant departments manned by political appointees, to ensure clean look of Karachi.

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